SEO Tips: A Few Words On Keywords

Ok, so when you think SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is keywords. Now that’s not to negate the many other factors that help boost your search ranking; it’s just a very important part of the mix.

If you do a search for ‘top SEO tips’ you’ll see many different lists, all with expert knowledge on what you need to consider. You’ll often see ‘keywords’ featured at the very top and so to do its impressive ranking justice (see what I did?) I thought I would elaborate on its importance.

SEO Tips

Focus is as key as your words. Be sure you know what your website is all about and what you want it to achieve. Your site might include content on many different things but ultimately it should have a primary focus.seo tips

You then need to think about what your target audience will type into search engines, so think about phrases, not just individual keywords – a good way to get help with this is to use Google ‘auto-complete.’ Type variations of keywords into Google and let it load various options for you.

Your keywords and phrases then need to appear across your website – domain name, site title, page titles, page content, etc.

Finally, whilst we’re on the subject of pages, make sure your title tag for each page contains keywords relevant to search phrases. Title tags essentially tell people and search engines what your page is about. It’s extremely common to do a search, be presented with an array of relevant content, click a link and bypass the home page for that particular website. It’s a direct way in for people and it’s so important to driving traffic to your site, therefore make these pages visible! Oh, and unless you’re a household name, the name of your company doesn’t need to be included in your title tags. People will search for what you have to offer, not what you’re called. If you wish to include the company name though, you can always stick it on the end.