Hello world!….Capital Appeals Project

Hero’s first ever blog post, coming from yours truly, ‘The Falcon’

Always good to kick things off with a success story and this one dates back to my charity days and my time as a Marketing Campaign Manager. It wasn’t actually that long ago but it was pre beard.

After an unsuccessful first year, I took over running the annual Capital Appeal. For those of you unfamiliar with charity spiel, a Capital Appeals project is the building of new facilities to help the charity better conduct its business. I was working for a veterinary charity at the time and the appeal was to build new hospitals.

The first year the appeal ran brought with it high expectations and why not? This was an integrated campaign with a strong, tangible proposition and a concept that worked across multiple online and offline channels. So why did the appeal struggle to break even? The audience data had been analysed, the concept researched.

The answer….. it simply didn’t motivate the audience. The link between the bricks and the motor to the welfare of the vulnerable pets just wasn’t there. The imagery and the copy for all other appeals had always focused on emotive pet case studies. All of a sudden our audience was seeing images of blue prints and reading about how many square metres of flooring was needed. But what did these things mean to Jake the arthritic Labrador, or Missy the diabetic cat?

For the years to follow, we strengthened that link between the building and the happiness of pets across the country. We brought back the emotion so that the blueprints and the floor plans meant so much more to our audience. They weren’t there just to build hospitals; they were there to save the lives of pets that had nowhere else to turn.

The appeal soon became a huge success, generating ROIs in the region of 250% year-on-year.

And the moral of this story? Simple. Never lose sight of what makes your audience tick.